Cognitive Function, Optimization, and Neurological Diseases

Virtual Medical Summit  |  August 20 - 21, 2021

Virtual Medical Summit  
August 20 - 21, 2021

By The End of This 2-Day Event...

You'll be trained by the world's leading expert in therapeutic peptides and molecular science to be ready and confident in the practical application of Anti-Aging care through the lens of Cellular Medicine.

Digital 2-Day Live Stream Access

We will live stream the live mastermind over two days. If you select this option, you'll receive your access info and unique password 1 week prior to the event.

FSSRP Credentials

By registering, your digital qualifications gets you one step closer to becoming an SSRP Fellow will have been met. As a Fellow, you'll receive priority referrals for patients, invitations to speak and present at future SSRP Symposiums & Conferences. Those who are interested and qualified, teaching opportunities will be appointed by Dr. Seeds.

Official Summit Notes

Get the summit scribe notes to add to your own. You can also follow along with the downloadable slide deck and make your own personal notes as well.

Certification Assessment

Take the assessment and earn your Certificate of Completion for the Mastermind II Grand Rounds.

Private Group Access

Moderated by the SSRP team and Dr. Seeds. Get all the latest updates about the SSRP, discussions happening in the Forum, and special discounts.
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ONE TIME OFFER: Order the Digital Recordings for this Mastermind for the early bird discount price of $200.00. This is a one time offer so you can go back ANYTIME after the training to reference and learn at your leisure.

Recordings Add On is a ONE TIME OFFER and WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE at this discounted price after the virtual summit ends.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are digital recordings included?

Digital recordings are only included if you add this on above ($200).

Q: When is the Mastermind event held?

The SSRP Mastermind will take place Friday, Aug 20, ~ Saturday, Aug 21 in Dallas, TX.

Q: How do I join Live in Dallas, TX?

Live seats are first reserved Fellows of the SSRP. Seats will be available to the waitlist for LIVE attendees first come, first served. To join the waitlist email info@ssrpinstitute.org AFTER registering for your digital ticket.

Q: Will I actively be able to participate if I'm attending digitally? 

Absolutely. Ample time will be dedicated throughout the mastermind to address questions. Digital moderators will be there to effectively communicate the question, and our notetakers will be there to transcribe the answers efficiently.

Q: Can I bring an employee or colleague?

No, the mastermind fee is only applicable to 1 entry due to the limited space we have available. If you have a medical professional that you would like to bring with you, they will have to register separately at full price.

Q: I paid for the digital event but I found out I cannot attend. What now?

You will still receive all the post-event materials along with the recordings. You may take the certification assessment at your time. Once you pass, the certificate will still be mailed to you.

Q: I paid for the live event, but I cannot attend. What now?

If you qualify for a refund under our refund policy, it will be granted. The first person on the waitlist will be notified, and we will work down the list. If you do not meet the refund policy timeframe, you will be refunded the cost different between LIVE and Digital admission. You will still receive all the post-event materials along with the recordings. You may take the certification assessment at your time. Once you pass, the certificate will still be mailed to you.

Q: Are there any scholarships available for medical students?

Yes. Reach out to info@ssrpinstitute.org and we can give you more details.

Q: I am not in the USA, may I still apply?

Yes. But translation of material is not provided. If English is your second language, mention this in the application comments and we can work out a 2nd seat for your translator if you wish to supply your own. Certification program is in english only. In order to pass the assessment you must provide your own english translations for the assessment.

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