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February 14 - 15, 2023 | VAIL, CO
This 2-Day Soup-to-Nuts Certification Course that will prepare you for improved patient outcomes using IV therapy and how to effectively combine that with other anti-aging protocols that are offered in your practice.
The Cutting-Edge Efficacy of Sports Medicine Made For All Active Lifestyles
IV therapy clinics are sprouting up like weeds everywhere– They’re being administered incorrectly, without proper sterilization, and with bogus formulations of “nutrients” that do not actually have the impact that is promised.

There are “training” programs run by all kinds of organizations with questionable credentials and experience. Just because someone has set up a mobile IV clinic, doesn’t mean they know how to navigate compliance or practice proper sterilization. In fact, we were shocked at the training out there today and knew we had to do something about it…

The SSRP Institute has made its mission to provide the latest in Cellular Medicine training to practitioners in the integrative, functional, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine space. Everything the SSRP stands behind is for long-term benefits that will optimize people to their fullest potential. 

February 14 - 15, 2023 | VAIL, CO
There are great benefits for longevity using IV therapy, but there are so many mistakes and things we see that are being done blatantly wrong and could potentially be harmful. 

So that’s why this certification course was created.
  • To establish the gold standard for IV therapy
  • ​To train practitioners on how to do it right
  • ​To provide the tools that grow this part of their practice
  • To show how it can work in concert with peptide therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, and other anti-aging modalities that your clinic is already offering
Here Are The IV Experts Teaching This Course
William Seeds, MD
  • Chief of Surgery and Orthopedic Residency Site Director for University Hospitals in Geneva & Conneaut, OH
  • ​Founder and Chairman of the Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Institute
  • ​​Official Medical Consultant to the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NBC's Dancing With The Stars
  • ​Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic, and Functional Medicine (FAAMFM)
  • ​American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons for Orthopedics Surgery
  • ​American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons for Sports Medicine
Consulted, Trained, Or Operated On Athletes From
  • One of the pioneers of IV therapy, treating patients with life threatening diseases using IV’s
  • ​Opened up her own successful IV therapy clinic in 2020 specializing in Ketamine and vitamin nutrition for difficult patient cases such as ALS and Parkinson's
  • ​Has audited the ‘top’ IV nutrition therapy courses
  • ​Has debunked the ineffective IV formulations, has in-depth knowledge on the combinations that DO work
  • ​Has worked with Dr. Seeds for the last 10 years making custom IV solutions for their patients
Amanda Angus, CRNA, APRN, RN, MSN, BSN
William Seeds, MD
  • ​Earned both his medical and business degrees from East Carolina University
  • ​Board-certified in Family Medicine
  • ​attended the University of Arizona for his Integrative Medicine fellowship
  • ​Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of OvulifeMD.

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn From This Certification Course

  • A comprehensive introduction to IV therapy so that you know what it is and what it is not
  • ​An advanced understanding of IV therapy: how it affects the cellular mechanisms and pathways, and how it can bring efficiency back to the cell
  • ​To understand the goals of IV therapy: both short and long term
  • ​Be intimately aware of the risks of IV therapy: both short and long term
  • ​he HR roles required to run this successfully so that you know who to find and what to ask for
  • ​Understand the important guidelines of USP 797 that pertain to IV therapy so that you can fully execute the sterilization and preparation techniques of IVs
  • ​The requirements of IV nutrition therapy so that you will know how to setup your services that keep you in compliance
  • ​How to customize vitamins into IV Bags so that you are able to cater to the patient’s specific goals
  • ​IV insertion techniques so that you get it right every time
  • ​Pre-existing conditions to be careful with when prescribing IV therapy so that you’ll have your bases covered
  • ​The most effective drip combinations and frequency so that you can develop packages that actually work
  • ​Dose range, benefits, and risks to each of the nutrients used in IV so that you will be comfortable with prescribing IVs
  • ​How to harness the power of IV therapy with peptide therapy and take it to the next level of care
  • ​How to discuss IV therapy with patients in a way to keep you in compliance, manage expectations, and convert to sales
  • ​The future of IV therapy so you are aware of what is coming down the line, and stay ahead of the pack

You Will Also Receive These Bonus Materials…

In addition to the lectures, you’ll receive a PRINTED dossier with Certification Course exclusive material that includes (printed for live attendees only, pdf for virtual attendees)
  • The top IV vitamins and compounds that include: Dose range, Benefits, Contraindications, Risks
  • ​The formulations for the most effective vitamins above
  • ​Sample consent forms so everyone’s expectations are managed
  • ​Sample pre-procedure forms to prepare your patient for the best results
  • ​Sample discharge forms to ensure the best outcome from each visit
  • Master Inventory list so have all the equipment ready to go
  • ​Printed slides from the whole certification course for your notes and references (for live attendees only, pdf for virtual attendees).
This will be professionally printed and organized as a handy reference for yourself and your staff as you proceed with IV nutrition therapy in your practice.


This two-day live or virtual certification training will take place February 14-15, 2023 in Vail, CO at the Four Seasons Vail Resort & Residences. It will be recorded for both live and virtual

By registering you will receive:
  • Breakfast and Lunch on both Conference Days
  • ​Networking Cocktail Reception evening of Feb 13, 2023
  • ​IV Therapy Certification Dossier (Professionally printed)
  • ​IV Therapy Certification Dossier (PDF)
  • ​Official SSRP Framed Certificate of Completion
  • 3 MONTHS of SSRP Membership
  • ​Video Recordings of Course material
  • LIVE ONLY: IV Business After-hours Roundtable Feb 14, 2023
  • LIVE ONLY: IV Application After-hours Demonstration Feb 15, 2023
  • Virtual Live Stream Access to Conference (does not include after-hours events)
  • ​IV Therapy Certification Dossier (PDF only)
  • ​1 MONTH of SSRP Membership
  • ​Online Certification Assessment Access
  • ​Video Recordings of Course material
  • ​Official SSRP Certificate of Completion (PDF ONLY, dependent on passing of the assessment)
  • OPTIONAL ADD ON: Printed and Framed SSRP Certificate of Completion ($499, depending on passing of the assessment).


So if you’re planning to join us live, don’t delay, just like all of our certification training, we WILL sell out. Please note: the Four Seasons Vail has extremely limited rooms so be prepared to book a room at one of the many fantastic rooms nearby which are also cheaper per night.
This is everything you need to succeed in providing IV therapy to your patients and utilize it as a gateway to enter the other anti-aging and regenerative services and protocols that you already have. Please note: this is for licensed practitioners only, not for the general public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this course for?

This course is for clinicians, professional trainers, nutritionists, and fitness enthusiasts who are interested in optimizing their physical and mental performance.

Q: When is the Live Stream held?

The Live Stream will take place Friday December 4 ~ 5, 2020 starting at 8:00am Mountain Time.

Q: How Do I access Live Stream?

Individual access will be sent to you by December 1, 2020. You can email info@seeds.md for any access issues and questions. 

Q: When will the recordings be available?

These will be available to you about 3-4 weeks after the live stream. You will be sent an email once it is available.

Q: Will I actively be able to participate if I'm attending digitally? 

Absolutely. Time will be dedicated throughout the course to address questions.

Q: Can I refer an employee or colleague?

Yes. Use this link and ensure that they write your name in the form under referral.

Q: I paid but I found out I cannot attend. What now?

You will still receive all the post-event materials, slides, and the live recordings.

Q: I am not in the USA, may I still apply?

Yes. But translation of material is not provided.

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