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SSRP Partner Discounts

Our network of partners is growing fast. As a member, enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 50% off from our Partners. Can't get these discounts anywhere else.

SSRP Trusted Sources Discounts

Our network of trusted compounding pharmacies is growing fast. As a member, enjoy exclusive discounts up to 25% Off Trusted Pharmacies. Can't get these discounts anywhere else.

Member Success

Office hours are offered to SSRP members where you can ask your toughest questions. Dr. Seeds and SSRP faculty go through and answer questions live.

Private Community Access

Moderated by the SSRP team, Faculty and Dr. Seeds. You'll get access to a community comprised of trusted peers & healthcare professionals who contribute to medical challenges. 

SSRP Expert Interview Series

This private video podcast will be centered around the mastermind topics with science and medical experts and hosted by Dr. Seeds.

SSRP Patient Referral Program

The SSRP connects certified and trained practitioners with the patients who reach out to us for referrals. There are qualifications necessary, but there is NO FEE to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm receiving this I not already an SSRP Member?
Signing up for newsletters and updates does not qualify you for SSRP Membership - which includes discounts from SSRP Partners and Trusted Sources along with private access to our community.

Q: Are you adding more Partners and Trusted Sources? 
Absolutely! We've only begun to scratch the surface. In fact, members of the SSRP are allowed to recommend businesses as potential partners of the SSRP. The SSRP Board of Directors will then interview the business to see if the business aligns with the vision of the SSRP. 

Q: What if I no longer need access?
You can cancel at any time. Simply email letting us know that you'll no longer need access.

Q: Will the monthly membership fees increase?
This introductory offer won't last. However, you will be notified 45 days in advance of any changes to the monthly membership fees so you can have ample time to decide.

Q: I am not in the USA, may I still apply?
Yes, but translation of material is not provided.
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