Grand Rounds Mastermind

Grand Rounds Mastermind

Combining the biology of functional medicine, personalization of precision medicine, and efficacy of integrative medicine
Combining functional, precision, and integrative medicine

Train With William A Seeds MD, The Physician Who Spearheaded The Practice of Cellular Efficiency, Peptide Therapy, & Metabolic Flexibility

Train with william seeds mD, the physician who spearheaded the practice of cellular efficiency & metabolic flexibility
Medical Breakthroughs are happening now...
The medical landscape is constantly charging forward.

We have new, incredible ways to treat illness and yet most are stuck applying outdated health practices for symptom-based treatments that may never resolve the root cause(s) of illness.

For over 10 years, William Seeds MD has been privately training healthcare professionals on Peptide Protocols, Molecular Medicine, fitness, diet, and performance. 

Now, he is opening the door to all qualified healthcare professionals who want to join him at the forefront of medical advancement on the basis of Cellular Medicine.
What Is Cellular Medicine?
Celluar Medicine combines Functional, Integrative, and Precision Medicine with cell efficiency and senescence as the basis of diagnosis and treatment.

When we understand the flexibility and differences of cell efficiency, that’s when impacts are made and we improve patient outcomes.

Gut health and neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular and auto-immune disease, tissue repair and nutrition, they are all interrelated.
Meet William A. Seeds, MD
  • Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon practicing medicine for over 25 years
  • ​Founder and Chairman of the International Peptide Society
  • ​Faculty Developer and Lecturer of the A4M Peptide Certification Program & Biannual Peptide Workshop Program
  • ​Chief of Surgery and Residency Site Director for University Hospitals in Geneva & Conneaut, OH
  • ​Official Medical Consultant to the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NBC's Dancing With The Stars
  • ​Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic, and Functional Medicine (FAAMFM)
  • ​American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons for Orthopedics Surgery 
  • ​American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons for Sports Medicine
Introducing The Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Mastermind
Headed by Dr. Seeds, this elite 2-Day Live & Live-Streamed Mastermind is structured in the grand rounds style. 

This means: dynamic discussions, real case studies, protocol development, and NO INDUSTRY INFLUENCE.

This is 100% about the science, the research, and education. This is about improving patient outcomes and changing the way we practice medicine.

This mastermind will be a quarterly event, with an advanced certification program, a track to become a Fellow of the SSRP, and opportunities to join the faculty. You have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

The 2-Day Mastermind will be held LIVE on July 24th-25th, 2020 in Denver, Colorado.

There are two ways to participate:
  • ​LIVE: Extremely limited seats to observe proper social distancing guidelines.
  • DIGITALLY: This will be live streamed, and structured to allow for ample digital participation.
Digital Attendance
By selecting digital admission, you will receive:
  • ​DIGITAL 2-DAY LIVE STREAM: We will live stream the live mastermind over two days. If you select this option, you'll receive your access info and unique password 1 week prior to the event.
  • ​A Free Copy of Peptide Protocols Vol. 1: Dr. Seeds’ book introducing molecular science evolution and cell metabolism as a foundation to studying aging and disease using peptide therapy.
  • ​FULL 2-Day Mastermind Recording:  Split into modules for easy review.
  • ​​Official 2-Day Notes, Protocols, & Dosage Charts: Quality printed, bound and shipped directly to you after the event with Dr. Seeds’ personal reference list.
  • ​​Certification Assessment & Program: After the mastermind, you will be able to take the assessment and earn your certificate of completion for the Mastermind I Grand Rounds. Upon passing the assessment, the certificate will be signed by William A. Seeds MD, and mailed directly to you. PLEASE NOTE: certificates are only sent after passing the assessment. Failure to pass will not yield a certificate of completion.
  • SSRP Fellow Qualification 1 of 4 Met: This is not just a one-time event. This will be a quarterly curriculum that will build upon your knowledge and skills from previous masterminds. By digitally attending Mastermind I, you are satisfying the first requirement to becoming a Fellow of the SSRP. By attending 3 more digital masterminds you qualify for a Fellow, and will be invited to speak and present at future SSRP Grand Rounds. For those fellows who are interested and qualified, teaching opportunities will be appointed by Dr. Seeds. Fellows of the SSRP will also be invited to the exclusive SSRP Annual Fellows Retreat in Vail, CO with Dr. Seeds and his family.
  • Exclusive SSRP Mastermind Member Private Facebook Group Access - Moderated by the SSRP team and Dr. Seeds. This community will be made up of trusted peers and healthcare professionals who will contribute to medical challenges. No more clunky, insecure forums that are difficult to use.
  • Private Access to the SSRP Expert Interview Series: This private video podcast will be centered around the mastermind topics with science and medical experts and hosted by Dr. Seeds.
Limited Live Attendance
TWENTY ATTENDEES ONLY will have the opportunity to join Dr. Seeds on July 24th-25th, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. Due to the CoVID-19 surge, resort location will be re-announced shortly.

All Live Mastermind attendees will receive the above materials PLUS:
  • Case Study Submission: Submit your toughest cases to Dr. Seeds prior to the mastermind. Your case has a chance to be selected by Dr. Seeds so that the group can dissect the problems, find solutions, and provide detailed, actionable protocols.
  • ​SSRP Fellow: By attending live, you are gaining experience in the methodology of Dr. Seeds and Cellular Medicine. As such, Live attendees will become Fellows of the SSRP, and will develop closer working relations with this institute. Fellows will be invited to speak and present at future events, invited to teach and run breakout groups, and will be invited to the SSRP Annual Fellows Retreat in Vail, CO with Dr. Seeds and his family.
  • ​Develop & Contribute to Protocols & Treatments: Cellular medicine combines the biology of functional medicine, the efficacy of integrative medicine, and the personalization of precision medicine. This means that our members' respective backgrounds will contribute and strengthen existing treatments, further improve patient outcomes, and develop additional protocols that the future can follow. 
  • ​Qualification for SSRP Faculty: By joining and contributing to the mastermind as a Fellow, you will be qualified to join the faculty of the SSRP. Please note: faculty members are personally appointed by Dr. Seeds based on their knowledge and expertise, and does not guarantee a position.
  • Reserved Seating to SSRP Mastermind II: This is a reoccurring quarterly curriculum. By joining Mastermind I Live, your seat is reserved and you have the first right of refusal for the next mastermind event. If you refuse your seat for mastermind II, your seat will be given to the next person on the waitlist. 
  • ​​Event Food, Beverage, Evening Reception, & Fireside Chat: Breakfast, Lunch, and the first night's evening reception filled with delicious and healthy food & drink is included in this Live event.
SSRP Mastermind I Agenda
Cellular Medicine: Molecular Efficiency & Immune System Regulation
Additional Topics Include (But Not Limited To):
  • Cellular Efficiency, Senescence & the Immune System: How to utilize the power of peptides, stem cells, exosomes, and other cells related to cell efficiency
  • Peptides: The power of peptides, core peptides for treatment, recommended pairings, dosages, and protocols
  • ​​Small Molecules: Interrelated pathways of disease and health
  • ​​Epigenetics: Regulating gene activity and modification
  • Case Studies: Actual patient data and situations for practical application
  • Business Application: How to apply everything you've learned into your practice, how to discuss them with your patients and the business models that work best.
  • ​​And much more...
By the End of This 2-Day Event...
You'll be trained by the World's Leading expert in therapeutic Peptides and Molecular Science to be ready and confident in the fundamentals of peptide therapy.

You'll have detailed information on the pharmacies that provide quality products, the protocols, the dosage diagrams, and the protocols so you can implement these immediately into your practice

Next step is to meet Dr. Seeds. Schedule a call by clicking the button below!
What Other Health Professionals 
Say About Dr. Seeds
What Other Health Professionals Say 
About Dr. Seeds...

Elizabeth Yurth, MD

Uzzi Reiss, MD

Frequently Asked Questions About The SSRP Grand Rounds Mastermind I
Q: When is the Mastermind event held?

The SSRP Mastermind will be broadcast live from Denver, CO on Friday, July 24, ~ Saturday, July 25. Due to the CoVID-19 surge, resort location TBD.

Q: Why are only 20 in person seats available?

In order to safely practice social distancing, we are limiting attendance to 20 individuals (exceptions may be made at the sole discretion of the SSRP Foundation).

Q: How do I get the SSRP Mastermind I Certification if I'm attending digitally? 

Certification will be made available for $1495.00 after live attendee assessments are complete (approximately 1-2 weeks post event). Email updates on certification availability will be sent out.

Q: Will I actively be able to participate if I'm attending digitally? 

Absolutely. Time will be dedicated throughout the Mastermind to address questions with the most votes. Digital moderators will display the profile and question on screen.

Q: Can I bring an employee or colleague?

No, the mastermind fee is only applicable to 1 entry due to the high quality collateral that will be sent after the event.

Q: Can I refer an employee or colleague?

Yes. Use this link and ensure that they write your name in the form under referral.

Q: I paid but I found out I cannot attend. What now?

You will still receive all the post-event materials along with the live recordings. 

Q: Are there any scholarships available for medical students?

Yes. Mention this in the comments section of the application. There is a separate process for this scholarship.

Q: I am not in the USA, may I still apply?

Yes. But translation of material is not provided. If English is your second language, mention this in the application comments and we can work out a 2nd seat for your translator if you wish to supply your own.

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